FLL2 update

I have been using FLL2 (First Language Lessons-level 2) mixed in with KISS grammar this year.  Last year we just zipped through FLL1, but this year my daughter is finding FLL2 more difficult.  The first half of the book was fairly easy for her, but then we came to adjectives and adverbs.  When we have a lesson on just one or the other, then she doesn’t seem to struggle.  However, when there is a lesson that asks to identify both adjectives and adverbs she gets confused.

So, we are stepping back from grammar for a while.  I don’t think it is worth trying to pursue it at this stage and we will see where she is next year.   For now, I think that I might try a few lessons from PLL (primary language lessons) as it seems to be much more gentle.  We need something that will give us some narration practice, copywork and dictation ideas, as well as some grammar and usage reminders.  I think that PLL will fit the bill.


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