2 Homeschooling Deals to Consider

Today is the last day for the Discovery Streaming group buy at the Homeschool Buyers Co-op.  We have subscribed in the past and I just re-subscribed to it.  I think that a good majority of our science videos come from this subscription, but they have so much more to offer…if you dig a little.  That’s the problem, though.  You have to be willing to a bit of time searching for your topic and then previewing the images and/or videos.  They do offer lesson plans as well, but I have never used any and cannot comment on that.  For $99 it is a phenomenal value, in my opinion.

The other deal to consider is a Rosetta Stone offer from Live Mocha (which was bought by Rosetta Stone).  The offer is for levels 1-5 for $199 which is the best deal that I’ve yet to see.  Typically, it’s fairly easy to find the program for roughly $300 so this could be a big savings.


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