Dragonbox Algebra App

Over at TWTM boards there has been some talk about an app that teaches algebra concepts to children that is also super fun to play.  After hearing rave reviews about this app several times I decided to download for my daughter when she started saying that she wanted a new game.  It was a hit!  And she still has no idea that she is practicing math concepts.

I had to sit with my daughter and talk her through the first few screens, but she quickly caught on.  Now she calls me over every once in a while when she gets stuck.  Since DragonBox is difficult for me to explain adequately I thought that I would share a video from their website.

If you are looking to buy this app, then you need to know that there are 2 different apps: one targets young children (about age 5+) while the other is geared for students tackling middle school math.


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