Homeschooling while travelling

It’s that time of year again when our travelling schedule begins to pick up and I have to start thinking about paring down our studies to the essentials (reading, writing, and math) while we are out and about.

McGuffey's Eclectic Readers 1.  Reading – I bring along a McGuffey’s Eclectic Reader and have my daughter read a lesson every day (or every other day).  This book is small, easy to pack, and consistently provides challenging material.  Although available for free through Google books, we prefer the hard copy and size isn’t that much of a consideration with this resource.

2.  Math – PDFs are our friends when it comes to taking math on the road.  Our main curriculum (Rightstart math) is just too cumbersome and has too many manipulatives for me to even remotely consider taking it with us.  In the past we have used Math Mammoth, but found it to be too dry for our taste.  Now, we use CSMP for some fun math time that is very portable.  I also save a copy of the suggested schedule which we follow rather closely.

3.  Writing – I type up our recollection of the day’s events in the evening.  My daughter narrates what she would like to remember and I embelish her retelling with a few things that I want to remember.  I have to set an alarm on the iPad to remind us to do this each day, but it is so worth it to make the effort; my daughter loves re-reading these accounts.

4 (Bonus).  Science – There is nothing to take or schedule in this subject area as science topics are all around us, especially when traveling to a location that is markedly different from your own – plants, animals, rocks, trees, weather patterns, constellations, etc.  Inclusion of science into your day becomes even easier if you visit a science museum or a state/national park and utilize their resources (eg. junior ranger programs).

5 (Bonus).  Literature – When we are not too tired at the end of the day then I read from some books that are loaded onto my iPad, such as the Lang Fairy Tales, 50 Famous Stories, and Parables from Nature.



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