Writing in the Younger Years

Every now and then I freak out because it appears that my daughter just doesn’t enjoy writing.  We do copywork and dictation, and she does very well with both of these disciplines.  She just hates writing anything original.  Maybe not hates…but she claims that she has nothing to write about.  This is my girl that will happily retell every episode of Disney’s Jake and the Pirates (which we watch in spanish) in minute detail.  She can also narrate long stories that we have had had as a read-aloud and would love to regale you with some jokes that she knows…for at least an hour.

But, writing?  I occasionally get notes from her explaining why she didn’t want help with her spelling lesson (afraid she wouldn’t get the mint as a prize for a job well done) or a written apology for disobeying one of our family rules.  If I suggest that she write down a fantastic story that she just told though, she doesn’t see the point.

Now I know that since I loosely follow TWTM philospophy then this should be no big deal at all.  Young children are not meant to write original content we are told.  They do not have enough life experience and they should only be working on the mechanics of writing (hence the copywork and dictation).  But, every now and then, I read about children that are writing tons of creative stories in their free time and there is always the thought of the public school kid with their daily journal writing.

Then I remember that I disliked writing (intensely) and all of that public school journal writing inflamed my dispassion for putting pencil to paper.  And, if I’m lucky, I stumble upon an article written by one that publishes a writing curricula that tells me it’s okay for children under 10 to not want to write.  And then I feel fine for another couple of months.  🙂


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  1. I find myself in the same position. My kiddo doesn’t like writing a lot and the PS kids around here are creative writing everyday. 😉 I guess that’s the good thing about homeschooling. It doesn’t have to be that way 😉

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