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**This post is originally from 2013.  I thought about it when we ran into one of Turner’s works in the Memoria Press Art Cards.  Happily, most of the resources suggested are still readily available, except for the Art Treasury book.  While the Usborne Art Treasury book appears to be out of print there are still plenty of used copies available, and it really does have some good project ideas. **

For February I selected J.M.W. Turner for our artist appreciation studies.  Turner was a British Romantic painter that lived from 1776-1851 and he generally painted landscapes and seascapes.  We began our study by looking at a selection of his paintings.  I have created an art gallery of 11 paintings using Google’s Art Project so that we can easily access the paintings and it almost feels like you are in a museum viewing the works.

Next we watched a DVD from the National Gallery of Art that can be borrowed from their lending library and they also have a shorter preview film that is available online.   For those that don’t know, homeschoolers can easily create an account and borrow materials from their library.  The National Gallery of Art also has  fantastic online art resources (also available on a free CD if you have connection issues) that are geared towards children.

We then went to our library and found a juvenile biography book and looked at several of his other paintings in a book aimed at adults.  During this perusal of his works my daughter commented that she didn’t like his paintings very much because it was difficult to tell what the subject was.  However, after looking at Snow Storm – Steam-Boat off a Harbour’s Mouth and talking about how the viewer almost felt that they were in the storm too I think she appreciated his technique a little more.

Turner inspired paintingThis week we did the suggested project from the Usborne Art Treasury book and I was delighted to see that she made sure to swirl her colors and make angry clouds in a manner evoking Turner.  I think that we will finish up our study by looking at a few more of his seascapes from a Dover clip-art book and then we will pick another project (either project 29 or 30) from the Artistic Pursuits Grades K-3 Book 2.

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