Bad Math Day

I’m guessing that this happens to all of us.  Your child is cruising along in a particular subject until one day they just seem to forget everything.  Or it happens to you as an adult.  I’ll admit that I have my super clumsy days and other days where I just can’t seem to remember a thing.  Well, it happened to my daughter today.

We have been moving through Rightstart Math (level C) and my daughter has been doing great with telling time to the minute, 4 digit addition, and beginning multiplication.  Today we had a mini-review session and she could not do a single problem.  The first two digit mental math addition problems were riddled with errors and on the next small set of problems she became confused on place value.  She said that she didn’t even know how to begin some of the questions.  And then she began to get frustrated and cry.

So, we shelved today’s review lesson and will look at it again tomorrow.  Hopefully, her brain has returned to its normal state and she can pick up from before.  At one point I had to catch myself from laughing because it really is bizarre how our brain just doesn’t function optimally from time to time…I hope that one day she can see the humor in that too.


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