Astronomy Studies Begin!

Uranus lithographI have just spent the last 20 minutes printing out and laminating the NASA “Our Solar System” lithograph set (it’s free!).  Well, not the entire set, because I’m not sure if I am going to print out the Kuiper Belt Objects or the moons of Jupitur and Saturn.

I decided to hang them on a blank wall near our schooling area so that we can begin memorizing what the planets look like and their order from the sun.  This lithograph set is beautiful and their are a bunch of interesting facts that are printed on the reverse side.  Right now I have “mounted” each picture with a bit of painters tape to the wall.  I want to be able to easily take them down one by one as we study the planets.  I also think that we will use them at the end of our studies as a way to quiz ourselves on the order.

You’ll notice that they do not show the relative size of the objects and so I did not bother trying to space them out.  I did put all of the planets in line with the sun and the Earth’s moon, asteroids, and Pluto with Charon on a lower level since they are not planets.  Nothing too sophisticated.


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