FLL2 and WWE2

I am starting to have second thoughts about our Language Arts schedule, specifically regarding FLL (First Language Lessons) and WWE (Writing With Ease).  Not because I don’t think that they are worthwhile, but simply because it feels like they are taking too much time from our day.  I also feel that some of the work may be unnecessary for my dd.

Narrations – The first 3 weeks have shown that my dd does a great job paying attention to the plot of the story.  She also does fairly well with the details of the story, provided that she found the story interesting.  When the story is not engaging enough for her then she may not even be able to tell me the entire plot – same for adults I suppose.  However, she does need quite a bit of help summarizing the selection.  Even though she can easily lead me through the story and throw in lots of detail, she has a hard time trying to boil everything down into just a few sentences.

Copywork – My dd has no problems with copywork and I am thinking of skipping some selections here and there.  The only negative that I can see to this plan is that the copywork selections are then used the next day for dictation.

Dictation – She is doing fairly well with dictations, especially since they are also incorporated into her spelling program (AAS).  I don’t think that I may skip a few selections, but rarely since it is giving her great practice listening for the punctuation marks.

Grammar – Once again FLL seems to be rather slow moving, but I think that we will keep at it until I can make a more informed decision.  I have decided not to do the suggested copywork though.



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