First Week of School

This was our first week of school and my daughter is beginning second grade…mostly.

Language Arts:

WWE level 2 dictation1.  Writing: For now we are going with Writing with Ease Level 2.  This time I purchased the student workbook because I found last year that I didn’t have lots of time to track down the passages from our reading like I wanted to.  I also discovered that the dictation passages use words that my dd doesn’t know how to spell yet.  So, I decided that we would look at the passage and determine which words would be difficult to spell and I write them on a white board that I leave out for her to look at.

2.  Grammar:  I have written up some plans that combine FLL2 and KISS level 1.  I love that KISS uses real sentences and I also like the approach of FLL.  Hopefully, the combination will allow us to switch back and forth enough to not get bored with one program, yet not be overkill.

photo 23.  Vocabulary: Ugh.  Our first big miss.  I thought that I would try out Vocabu-Lit, but neither my dd nor I wanted to look at it again after the third day.  The first lesson uses very simple words (alone, nbreak, climbed, found, shook, something, threw, top) and the second exercise drove us crazy.  Exercise 2 has you picking the definition of the word as it is used in the lesson’s story, but in many instances we felt that there was no correct answer.  For example, the definitions of “climbed” include: 1. to move using your hands to help you OR 2. to move upward; rise.  In the story a rabbit climbs a tree and I would say that both definitions would be correct.  Anyhow, we will go back to Wordly Wise next week.

4.  Phonics/Spelling:  My dd is still moving through the Sonlight 2nd grade readers (we are about halfway through) and each Friday I will have her read the next lesson in the McGuffey Eclectic Second Reader.  We are also beginning AAS Level 2 and this week was a review of past lessons.

Math: Rightstart level C has started out with a review of addition facts to 10 and how to add 9 to a number.  My dd was happily doing her +9 worksheet today and thinks that the addition table is wonderful.

Rightstart Math Level CRightstart Math Level C

History: starting next week since I had to reserve a lot of books from the library

Spanish: we have begun using Rod and Staff Nivel B which is actually the second half of their first grade program.  My dd’s reading has greatly improved and she is ready for a greater workload.

Song School Latin Coloring PagesLatin:  Latin is a new subject for us and this week my dd really seemed to enjoy it.  I am planning on combining Song School Latin with I Speak Latin by Andrew Campbell.  SSL seems quite simple.  I divided each lesson up into 2 days and we will listen to the CD first (eccleciastical pronunciation since that is most similar to spanish) and then each Friday we will do a lesson from I Speak Latin, a program that has much more of an immersion flavor (but still very doable for parents with no latin experience).  The best tip that I have found for SSL is to print out the free coloring pages smaller to use later as flashcards.


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