Science Plans – Space!

I have finally come to the point where I feel I can start nailing down our science plans.  Since we are following the cycles of The Well Trained Mind we will be spending roughly 18 weeks on astronomy/space and 18 weeks on earth science topics.  My daughter is especially thrilled because she has been talking about space, lava, and mudpots for a while now.

Here is my rough plan for space/astronomy:

Spine: DK First Space Encylcopedia

Supplement: DK Space: A Visual Encyclopedia, Dover Coloring Books

Week 1: What is space and where does it begin

Week 2: Galaxies, Stars, and our place in the Universe

Week 3:  Astronauts and Rockets

Week 4:  Lunar Missions, Space Shuttle, and the Space Station

Week 5: Solar System and the Sun

Week 6: Mercury and Venus

Week 7: Earth and Mars

Week 8: Jupiter and its Moons

Week 9: Saturn and its Moons

Week 10: Uranus and its Moons

Week 11: Neptune and its Moons

Week 12: Pluto (what happened to it?) and Asteroids

Week 13: Comets and Meteors

Week 14: Star Births, Deaths, and Black Holes

Week 15-16: Constellations and the Myths surrounding them

Week 17-18: for following those rabbit trails!



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