Science Plans Part 2 – Earth Science

DK EarthThe second half of the year is going to be comprised earth science lessons.  This topic is overwhelmingly large and so the hardest part is picking topics to cover.  I will be using the DK Earth book as a spine.

Week 1: The Earth’s structure: core, mantle, and crust

Week 2: Introduction to Minerals

Week 3: Introduction to Rocks

Week 4: Changing Earth: Plate Tectonics

Week 5: Weathering

Week 6: Erosion

Week 7: Deposition

Week 8: Meteor Impacts

Week 9: Mountains

Week 10: Volcanoes

Week 11: Rivers and Lakes

Week 12: Oceans: water, shelves, and plains

Week 13: Ocean: currents

Week 14: Ocean: tides and waves

Week 15: Structure of the atmsophere

Week 16: Weather: air masses and weather systems

Week 17: Weather: precipitation and clouds

Week 18: Weather: wind


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