DaisiesWe have started working our way through a plant study that I have pulled together. I thought that I would share a few of the resources that have been helpful.

Core Reading: Barron’s Essential Atlas of Botany – a high level book with gorgeous pictures, definitely needs paraphrasing

Week 1: Role of Plants in the Food Chain and Photosynthesis

Read p. 6-11 in Plant Classification by Louise and Richard Spilsbury to introduce the double nomenclature system, identify plants as the beginning of a food chain, and discuss the divisions of the plant kingdom.

Use p. 18-21 of the Essential Atlas of Botany to discuss photosynthesis and a plant’s nutrient needs.

Read Vegetables, Vegetables! by Fay Robinson (Rookie Read-About Science) to emphasize the role of plants in our life.

Play the food chain game at

Watch the Discovery Streaming video (You in the Food Web).

Week 2:  Plant Parts-Roots and Stems

Read p. 8-9 in the DK Eyewitness Plant book by David Burnie for an overview of the parts of a plant.

Read Taking Root by Allan Fowler and p.16-17 in the Essential Atlas of Botany for information about roots.

Watch All About Soil DVD (Schlessinger Science Library).

Read p. 12-13 in the Essential Atlas of Botany for information about stems.

Complete plant parts notebooking page by recording 3 things about plant roots and stems.

Watch the Discovery Streaming video (The World of Plants: the Structure of Plants).


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