TOG Year 2 Book Review

The Hawk that Dare Not Hunt by DayWell, it finally happened.  I stumbled across a book in the Rhetoric level of Year 2 that I simply didn’t care for (The Hawk that Dare Not Hunt By Day by Scott O’Dell) .  It wasn’t a terrible book and there certainly wasn’t any objectionable material it it, but it was a book that left me feeling like I had just wasted my time reading it.  Thankfully, it is a quick read; I believe that I finished the book in less than 3 hours time.  However, it wasn’t a book that really added anything to my life and it was a book that left me with far more questions than it had answered.  It was the type of book where the characters behaved in a certain way that just didn’t make sense according to their sketches and you could never quite figure out why certain things happened.

Sigh.  I am thankful that this is the first book that I have felt this way about since beginning my self-education endeavor with TOG.  And, I know now that when my children reach this level of the program that we will not be reading this book.


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