Memory work organization and ideas

memory work index dividersI don’t have any grand schemes of my own, but I would like to show what we have found to work for us.  And, I am particularly excited about a brainstorm that I had today.

First off, organization!  Memory work just wasn’t getting done around here until I had the idea that my husband should do it.  He and my daughter wake up together and share their mornings together while my son and I take a bit longer to get going in the morning.  I happened upon the scripture memory system on the Simply Charlotte Mason website and thought that I would give it a go.  As it can be quite confusing when you read the directions of use, I would recommend that you watch the short YouTube video.

I printed out the divider cards with tabs onto three different colors of cardstock, according to the directions, and laminated them.  I then found an index card holder that I wasn’t really using and deposited everything in there.  Now, every morning my husband and daughter can get through her memory work in about 5 minutes and it is actually getting done.

memory work featuring birdsNow onto my brilliant (to me) idea!  I was thinking today that I would like to include some memory work on the birds that we have identified.  And then I remembered that I have the Dover North American Birds clip-art book.  I quickly opened up MS Word and inserted the pictures that I wanted onto a card, printed them out, and now I have several bird pictures on index cards for our memory box.  I think that I shall do the same thing for tree leaves and flowers in the future.

What do you use for your memory work to make sure it gets done?  What topics do you include for memory work?  I would love to hear about it.


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