Back to School Week

Well, we are not officially back to school since I consider our year to begin in January, but it is certainly back-to-school time for all other non-homeschooled children.  And, because of this, there is a special homeschooling perk!  These next few weeks there will be virtually no school children taking field trips and the museums, parks, aquariums, and zoos will be empty.  We took advantage of the lack of lines yesterday and today and went to Tampa for some fun.

Yesterday we visited the Florida Aquarium and had a great time.  Admission prices are a bit high in my opinion, but earlier in the year they had a Living Social coupon that I snapped up.  The Tampa Visitor Center is just next door and they have admission discounts as well.  My daughter and son both loved the stingray touching area and the touch tanks upstairs where we were able to touch different sea stars and an anemone.  I have to say that this was a very good aquarium (even better than the one in Chicago) and we will definitely be going back one day.

Today we visited the Glazer Children’s museum and that was also a lot of fun and once again I had a Living Social coupon to help bring down the cost.  We must have spent 3.5 hours there and, of course, we could have stayed even longer.  There are tons of pretend/dress-up areas (eg. grocery store, resaurant, house, airplane, boat) and we also had some fun with shaving cream and art activity areas that were set up.  I’m not sure that I would head to Tampa specifically for this attraction as it was quite similar to other children’s museums that we have been to, but if you are in the area then you should definitely carve out some time for this place if you have younger children.

I hope everyone is having a great back-to-school time!


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