Planning (oh help!)

I am a person that has to plan things out, yet I always feel so frozen when it comes time to plan out what to do in our homeschool journey.  Even though we school year round there is something about the summer (and the doldrums of winter, truth be told) that makes me want to see everything on paper.  I find myself looking for a perfect planner and drawing up list after list of stuff, only to feel unsatisfied.

I think that I really need to begin with the end in mind, but when I think about what the end will look like I have no idea whatsoever.  My daughter seems to go through fits and spurts and deciding what is a realistic pace for her is beyond difficult.  My son is also throwing me through a loop, as he seems to be getting ready for some academic work much earlier than I had anticipated.  So, I just thought that I would jot some things down here to get the wheels turning, so to speak.

Academically, I would like my children to be well prepared for college.  To me, this means that math should be mastered through calculus, including basic statistics.  Science should be completed at a level of undergraduate work in biology, geology, astronomy, chemistry, and physics.  My children should easily be able to write 2 page papers in both Spanish and English and feel comfortable debating current event topics in either language within our family.  Literature should dwell on the classics, but beyond that I haven’t given much thought.  *Note to self: compile a list of 16-20 works that must be studied.  I want them to be able to articulate what they want to say and to have something interesting to say.*

Culturally, I want my children to feel at home in both the United States and Colombia.  To this end, I need to expose them to artists, musicians, movies, etc. that are important to each country.  I want my children to be able to dance well since it is (oh so) important in Latin America.  And, my children should know the famous historical people from both countries as well as the geography (big cities, states, and capitals) of both nations.

I want my children to know the Bible (from a literature standpoint), recognize famous works of art/music, be able to run a household (including common repairs/maintenance), and feel secure in their ability to handle problems.  I also want my children to realize that we will always be here for them and that they will always be able to count on each other.

And that, I think, is a good start.  I think that I shall now sit down and go through each academic subject and work backwards.

What are your most important goals in your homeschool journey?  Please share.


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