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I have been so very lucky to be able to review the Map Trek 6 e-book set from Knowledge Quest.  Each e-book (also available on CD-ROM or printed) includes black outline maps, teacher answer maps, a glossary of terms, and lesson plans for the Ancient World, Medieval World, New World, Modern World, and the United States (2 volumes).  This was perfect for us since we were just about to begin a study of each state which my daughter wanted to undertake alphabetically.

Downloading the e-books was super simple and we were ready to begin our romp through the United States using the second part of the United States e-book.  The lesson plan included with this e-book was short and sweet and read as the following:

Of course, you may do whatever you wish with these maps, but we suggest that when you study a state, that the student label the cities and color in the state, especially on the large map which will give location and perspective. Also, take note of the state facts.  If you have field guides available, look up the state bird and state flower. He may draw them on the map,if he wishes. When completed, post the maps on a bulletin board or assemble them into a notebook, by size, by date of statehood or alphabetically. Have fun!”

I decided to spend a week on each state so that the day’s activities would only take about 10 minutes to do.  On the first day, we would locate the state on the USA map and write in the postal abbreviation and watch a short video clip from a DVD series that I picked up not that long ago.  On the second day my daughter filled in the capital, other major cities, rivers, and any other geographical place of interest on the Knowledge Quest state map.  The third day I had my daughter cut out and paste the state flag, flower, tree, and bird onto a notebooking page.  And on the fourth day we would flip through the visitor’s guide that I had requested from the state tourism office and she would cut out pictures of things that she would like to do in that state.  We also added climate and main resource information to this second notebooking page that contained the tourism photos.

United States mapmap of AlaskaAlaska state symbols

The Knowledge Quest maps are so clear and when we compare the maps to our student atlas book it is easy to label the map ourselves.  However, there is also a filled-in (teacher answer) map for each of the state maps in case you can’t figure out what to label or you want to double-check the answers.  The other e-books include week by week lesson plans that are broken down by the level of the child, with suggestions for grades 1-12.

Don’t forget to look at the Curriculum Integration Guides that Knowledge Quest has available for several different history curricula, including Story of the World, TruthQuest, Vertias Press, A Child’s History of the World, Sonlight, Ambleside Online, and My Father’s World.

Price: $47 for 6 e-book set


Disclaimer: I received free copies of the MapTrek e-books for the purpose of this reveiw; no further compensation was recieved for my honest opinion.



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