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iXL mathiXL math is an online math practice website for children in preK math through algebra.  I received a free trial period in order to try it out with my daughter who is doing first grade math and my son who is doing preschool math.  You can find the list of skills covered during each level towards the bottom of the iXL homepage.  Keep in mind that this program does not actually teach math concepts…it only reviews what your child has already learned.

I certainly recommend that you check out the user guides page if you need more information on how to tweak the site to suit your needs.  I found the set up to be rather simple, but we did have a few problems with the website crashing on us while using the program.  I liked that my daughter could click on a speaker icon to have the instructions read to her, as this allowed her to be able to use the program by herself.  The directions were relatively clear and she only needed me to explain things a few times to her.  At times we found the answers to be visually crowded which led to some confusion, but in general this was not a big issue.

Our main problem was that there just wasn’t enough of a reward for either of my children in using the program.  My daughter liked the idea of the ribbons and getting to a score of 100, but she felt that it took too long to get there.  Plus, since the program calculates your score based on correctness and speed entered she was at a disadvantage since she doesn’t yet type quickly.  My son looked at the program two times before he decided that he didn’t want any more of it.  He certainly is on the younger side to be using such a tool so a child that is older may enjoy it more.

Overall, this was just not a good fit for our family.  However, I can certainly see how this may fit the bill for someone that is looking for some math review over the summer or holiday periods.

Price: $9.95/month or $79/year


Disclaimer: I received free access to iXL.com for the purpose of writing this review; no further compensation was received for my honest opinion.


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  1. My kids have been using Kahn Academy this summer. It’s free and you earn little badges and other online awards as you progress. I wouldn’t use it as my sole math program, but it’s nice for extra practice.

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