Halfway Through with Rightstart Level B

Today my dd took the mid-year test for Rightstart B and did fairly well with it.  She has no problems adding numbers with sums up to 10; filling in number bonds; adding 5, 10, or 15 to a decade number; knowing how many days are in each month; and adding pennies, nickels, and dimes.  However, she does get tripped up when asked to add 10 or 100 to a number.  For example 316+10 and 316+100 just frustrated her.  I tried to remind her how to do these problems, but I think she is just not ready for these mental calculations.  She also had a problem with solving a fairly simple word problem that had some extraneous information included.  This was not as surprising since RS is rather light on the word problem front.

Looking forward there seems to be lots more geometry topics in our future (the first half of RS B did not have very much).  I think that I will also continue to supplement with Singapore Intensive Practice (we are currently working through 1A) and maybe some Challenging Word Problems.  We still love CSMP to get us to think about math in completely different ways, but sadly we haven’t had much time for it lately.  Same goes for Miquon, which we may just drop altogether.


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