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Visual VocabularyI have been looking for a new vocabulary program for a little bit now.  We are currently using Wordly Wise 3000 which my daughter loves because it is a story and picture based program.  However, Wordly Wise is only like this at its K and 1st grade levels!  After that it goes on to a workbook format that is not overly thrilling.

So, I was in the market for a new vocabulary program that was much more visually based than a traditional vocab curriculum.  I was delighted when I saw Visual Vocabulary on the vendor list at the Cincinnati homeschool convention.  I went over to the booth to check it out and it is definitely, like its name suggests,  a very visual program.

luminous cards
1st week of cards (fronts only)
There are 9 units in the curriculum and each unit contains four weeks of material, for a total of 36 weeks worth of study.  Each week is made up of 6 cards that are printed on 4″x6″ cardstock with gorgeous pictures.  There is also an included hole puncher and metal rings so that you can punch a hole in the upper left hand corner of the card and then put a ring through each week’s cards.

The first card of each week’s series introduces the latin or greek root for the week and gives a definition of the main word, the next four cards have different pictures on the front and the main word on the back, and the final card has a different picture on the front and associated words on the reverse.  For example, in the first week the main word is luminous and the additional words on the cards are: luminary, luminaire, luminescent, lumen, luminosity, illuminate, and Illuminati.  Take a look at two sample weeks (in the galleries) on the website to get a better idea of the flow.

vocab cards and talking points binder
vocab cards and talking points binder

In addition to these word cards it is possible to purchase (separately) a binder of “talking points”.  The 1″ binder contains little tidbits of information for each week, broken down into 5 sections (one for each day if you wish) and weaves in more vocabulary words.  For the first week the additional words in the binder include the following: ambient, environment, ambiance, task lighting, accent lighting, decorative, residential, consumer, refrigerator, generate, atmosphere, pyrotechnic, ignite, propel, apogee, petroleum, explode, combine, bioluminescence, molten, overwhelms, and extinguished.  What I love about the talking points binder is that the little tidbits contain interesting information and the latin or greek root word is supplied for all of the vocab words.  With the talking points binder this course contains more than 1000 words to study!

The only part of this program that I am unsure about is whether I will use the included hole puncher and metal rings for each set of cards. I do like the accessbility of having the cards hanging around for my daughter to grab whenever the mood strikes her, but I am worried about the durability of the cards. I am entertaining thoughts of either laminating the cards first or simply storing them in a large index card holder.

I almost forgot to mention that this is only the first volume of this program.  As you can see from the sample words that I have given, I don’t think that this would be rigorous enough to use as a SAT prep program, but it remains to be seen what words volume 2 will include.

Since I had never heard of this company before I would love to help spread the news about it.  With that in mind, I am giving away a sample pack of cards so that the winner can get a better idea of how the program works and how beautiful the pictures really are.  I also contacted the company to see when they put their materials on sale and they offered a 10% discount to anyone that e-mails them ( and mentions this post!

Price: $100 for the cards only, $125 for the cards and talking points binder, free shipping for all products

I have not received anything for free in exchange for this post.  I purchased everything myself and just wanted to share my enjoyment with others.  The giveaway item was received for free from the company at the convention. 🙂
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