History Channel DVDs on Sale!

History Channel The States and The President DVD setsI just purchased the DVD sets The States and The Presidents from the History Channel for $30 (including shipping).  I was looking at The States set and noticed that the combo set was actually cheaper than just the set covering the states alone.  Weird, huh?

Anyhow, I have really been thinking about starting a study of the 50 states with my dd.  We have already travelled to a few states and we are planning on adding Alaska to our list in September (super, super excited).  It seems like The States DVDs give just a quick overview of each state which will be perfect for what I have planned.  I have yet to see any of these and a search on Netflix came up emty, but reviews elsewhere are rather positive.  Somewhere on the web I believe that I read that these are targeted for 3rd graders on up, but we shall give this a go with my 1st grader. 🙂

Be sure to use promo code TEACH20 for an extra 20% off if you decide to purchase them too.


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