Heritage History Young Readers Review

Heritage History is a company that offers a story-based, classical curriculum in electronic format.  According to their website, the mission of the company is to make old-fashioned, narrative history books easily available.  To that end, all of the books that are included in a Heritage History library are story-based and cover a range of levels (grammar stage through high school).

I had the pleasure of receiving the Young Readers curriculum CD for the purpose of this review since my daughter is a grammar age student.  The Young Readers curriculum includes 82 different books from the following genres: Bible and Saint stories, American history, European history, Ancient history, legends and folklore, and biographies.  There is still a range of reading levels included in this collection while it is targeted to grammar stage students.  I believe that the books that are included are suitable for young students (about 1st grade, as a read-aloud) to almost middle grade students.

Heritage History Young Readers CurriculumThe Young Readers curriculum actually does not contain that much in the way of a curriculum – simply a few suggestions of how you might go about choosing which books to read with your child or those that your child will read on their own.  It is suggested that you pick a few books from each genre and decide based mainly upon your child’s interests, and that you read a history book for about 2 hours each week (individually or together as a family).  There is also a timeline, character list, and some images included on the CD to further enhance your studies if desired.

I found the books to be very easy to import into iTunes from the CD and transfer over to our iPad.  My daughter and I have slowly been reading through the Aesop’s fables and the version by Milo Winter was included on the CD.  I was delighted to find the pictures in color!  Now, not all of the books have color pictures, but they all do have working table of contents.  It is a huge negative for me when an e-book does not have a functioning table of contents nor includes the illustrations and these are the main reasons that I no longer download many of the “free books”.

If you believe that reading quality literature to your younger students is just fine for history studies, then you will love the Young Readers collection.  If you are already using a literature-rich history curriculum, then you may want to add in (or substitute) some of the books from the Young Readers library into your studies (a list of titles included in other popular curricula can be found on their website).  I know that with the number of books provided in this product we will easily ba able to use this set of books for the next several years.  However, Heritage History also sells titles individually on their website if you are not interested in purchasing an entire curriculum.

For those that do not want to use an e-reader in their studies, then this may not be the best choice for you.  Although you can read the books on your computer and there is included advice on how to most cost effectively print the books, I think the beauty of this product lies in its portability.

Price: $24.99 for the curriculum

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I received a free copy of the Young Readers CD from Heritage History for the purpose of this reveiw; no further compensation was received for my honest opinion.


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