CapJaxMathFax Review

CapJaxMathFaxCapJaxMathFax is a computer based program for drilling math facts for all four math operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).

I received the downloadable version of this program and it was fairly easy to install.  After starting up CapJaxMathFax you can easily customize it for your child; math operations, the number of facts per session, and the amount of time for super answers (default is 3 seconds) can all be set.  Your child can then choose to either practice their facts or “play for a rating.”

The goal is to be able to enter the correct answer under the amount of time alotted for a “super answer.”  For younger children, including my daughter, you will probably want to raise the default time quite a bit since they are not as quick to type their answer.  After they have input the answer for the question the program immediately tells them if the answer was correct or not.  For parents, you are able to print out a detailed report on the problems that your child attempted.

CapJax screen shotTo tell you the truth though, this was just not a good fit for my daughter.  She was unimpressed with the graphics (as was I) and the program would crash every now and then on us.  Aside from working for a badge which must be purchased separately, there is not much incentive to use this program.  My daughter logged on and played only a handful of times before she told me that she no longer wanted to use it.

I think that if you have a student that is easily distracted by graphics, then CapJaxMathFax may be a perfect fit for your child.  Try it for free.

Price:   $29.95 for downloadable version

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I received a free version of CapJaxMathFax for the purpose of this review; no further compensation was received for my honest opinion.


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