TOG Year 2 – Week 4

Tapestry of Grace Year 2This week was our week to discover Charlemagne and feudalism.

Day 1: Read aloud from the Usborne Internet-linked Medieval World

Day 2: Read aloud The Kitchen Knight

Day 3: Read aloud The Hero Beowulf

Day 4: looked at Charlemagne’s empire and the countries that are there now in our atlas

Day 5: Read about Charlemagne in the Famous Men of the Middle Ages

This was a very easy week for us and I really did not do much aside from read aloud to my dd since we are still trying to recover from our vacation.  I was not particularly thrilled with the book The Kitchen Knight (this is a substitution since the originally scheduled book The Adventures of King Arthur is out of print) and I think that I would have preferred a book that was more about the King Arthur legend.  The Kitchen Knight briefly mentions King Arthur, but you never get a sense of how important a figure he is.

I was surprised how much my dd enjoyed the book about Beowulf and was not frightened at all by the storyline.  Warning: the monster Grendel has his arm torn off in the story and there is a picture of him one-armed with a pool of blood trailing behind him.


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