Toddler Time – Cows

Playing With Words 365Well, we are back from our trip and trying to adjust to Daylight Savings Time (Colombia does not have such a thing).  We had a wonderful time with family and even my spanish improved.  I definitely need to study my verb tenses though since I felt rather limited speaking in the present and future tenses.

This morning I slowly re-introduced our regular school time routine with my dd and it became clear that my ds wants to become more involved.  I never thought that he would abandon his train set and cars for school work.  Is this really my son???  But, there it is, I have to come up with some activities for him and I have decided on the Brightly Beaming Resources free curriculum.

If you haven’t seen this website before, then you should really take a look.  It is full of simple ideas for introducing schooling to the youngest children.  I have decided to do the Preparatory Curriculum which is laid out in weekly themes; colors, numbers, shapes, and letters are also covered.

The first week is about cows.  I have a bunch of library books on hold since we are starting this adventure next week, but I have made up a few printables in the meantime.  I want to have some “educational busywork” on hand for when my dd needs a few uninterrupted minutes of school time.  I made a simple puzzle with a picture of a cow, tracing and dot pages for uppercase and lowercase A, a tracing page for the number 1, and a simple size sorting activity with squares.  Download the pages here.

How have you included your toddler in school time?  I would love to know!

Brightly Beaming Resources Week 1


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