Preparing for vacation

I am at the beginning (should have been in the middle) of preparing for our upcoming vacation to Colombia.  We are taking off for several weeks and I have to decide what schoolwork shall be coming along for the trip.  And, I also need to pack lightly. 🙂  The following list may sound like quite a bit, but I have found that my dd needs quite a bit of work to fill her time so that she doesn’t go batty.

We need to keep up our reading so I think that I shall just take the McGuffey primer and a few of the Sonlight readers.  I don’t plan on pushing forward with phonics while we are away; I would just like to improve my dd’s fluency a bit.

My dd has requested that we bring the New American Cursive book with us and that shall be it for handwriting since she tends to write her own “notes” without any prompting.

Math is the difficult subject.  We are really loving Rightstart, but taking this program with us is certainly not easy.  I am toying with the idea of copying the worksheets that we need and bringing only the essential manipulatives, but then I would have to decide what is “essential.”  I have the PDF versions of Math Mammoth and Miquon so they could be easily loaded onto my iPad.  I also have Singapore which isn’t nearly as cumbersome to bring along as Rightstart.  Then again, CSMP is available online.  Oh my.

I do know that we will not try to do TOG because that would just be too.many.books!  Same thing with science.  Although, I have thought about bringing BFSU along since it tends to use everyday household items.  Generally though I just try to get us outside every day for some nature study.

For spanish I am going to bring along our Rod and Staff books.  I think it will be great if abuela helps out dd with her studies…nothing like having a native speaker to help with your pronunciation.

I will also bring my dd’s sketchpad so that she can do the Mark Kistler online lessons whenever she feels like it.  I may also bring some filler material like our geography and logic books.  And, we may begin FLL1 in earnest since that is also on my iPad.


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