K5 Learning Review

K5 Learning - an online reading and math programk5 Learning is a relatively new online learning program that is geared towards helping children in grades K-5 with their math and reading skills. 

You can find the list of skills for each reading level and also the skills for each math level that are covered on their website.  When beginning this program I think it is best to request both a reading and a math assessment, or else your child will be placed at the grade level indicated during the sign-up process.  I found both to be very thorough assessments  and the placement seemed to be just about right.

Each time my daughter logged in she was able to choose between a math or a reading lesson.  It is possible to assign lessons to your children in the parental log-in area.  There are also spelling and math facts sections, but we chose not to delve into those areas.  At the end of each lesson she could then decide whether she wanted to continue with another lesson or quit. 

K5 learning screenshotMy daughter enjoyed the website, but was not clamoring to use it every day.  I found the graphics to be a bit too cartoonish and at times the audio was not the clearest (which may have to do more with my speakers than the program).  

For me, the price of the subscription is too high to really consider adding this as a full-time supplement.  I can see our family subscribing for a month when we are on an extended vacation, but K5 Learning is marketed more towards parents with children that are in school looking for some afterschool enrichment activities.  By signing up for their free 14-day trial you can decide if this is something from which your child will benefit.

Price: $25/month or $199/year; additional children are $15/month or $129/year

I received a free trial subscription for the purpose of this review; no further compensation was received for my honest opinion.


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