We Choose Virtues Review

We Choose VirtuesWe Choose Virtues is a company that makes products for homeschools, public and private schools, and churches to help children learn and remember 12 different virtues.  I was sent one of their newest products to review: the Virtue Clues.

I was actually a little disappointed when I received these cards (the Virtue Clues) as they are the size of a business card.  The size certainly makes them quite portable, but they are also easily lost.  There are 12 cards total and the cover the following virtues: diligence, helpfulness, perseverance, gentleness, contentedness, attentiveness, honesty, kindness, self-control, patience, obedience, and forgiveness.

Each card has two sides that are in color.  The front side of the card has a catchphrase that is easy to memorize and then it lists some traits that are the opposite of that virtue.  For example, the attentive card includes the catchphrase, “I watch and listen carefully.”  The card the lists that attentive is not “forgetful, distracted or distracting and I don’t ignore or interrupt!”

The reverse side of each card has a challenge on it for your child (or for the whole family).  To continue with the example from above, the back side of the attentive card challenges your child “to go the whole day without someone needing to remind you to listen or not forget.”

Since they are 12 cards I could see cycling through the virtues by doing one a month and focusing a whole month on one virtue.  Or, if you spent one week on each virtue, then you could go through all of the virtues 4 times during a year.  You may also want to laminate these cards to ensure that they are not destroyed quickly as they are made out of simple cardstock.

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