TOG Year 2 Weeks 2 and 3

Well, I never quite got around to putting up what we had accomplished last week so I thought that I would combine everything into one post.

Week 2

Monday: read from the Usborne Internet-linked Medieval World

Tuesday: read Caedmon’s Song and colored a page from A Coloring Book of the Middle Ages

Thursday: read 2 pages from The Middle Ages

Friday: talked about the major continents and oceans

Week 3

Monday: read from the Usborne Internet-linked Medieval World about the rise of Islam

Tuesday: read Sinbad: From the Tales of the 1001 Nights (not my favorite book)

Thursday: read Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (my dd was absolutely riveted by this book)

Friday: finished making our salt map!

* I also watched two DVDs from Netflix that were rather good.  Islam:Empire of Faith covers the rise of Islam through the downfall of the Ottoman Empire.  When the Moors Ruled in Europe was a particularly good DVD that dispelled some of the common myths surrounding the Moors and it pointed out all of the amazing knowledge that came from this society.

If you have TOG, then you know that we were supposed to be finished with our salt map by Week 2.  However, we had a bunch of technical delays which I shall tell you about now. 🙂

First, my dd wanted to use a large roasting pan (the disposable aluminum foil type).  So, we bought that, but I was not thinking about how much dough we would need to make to fill that pan.  Then, I thought about buying more flour since I only have organic flour at home and did not want to use that for this project.  Of course, I only thought about this as I was pulling out all of the ingredients to make the salt map; that meant another trip to the grocery store.

On our next attempt to make the map we used up 6 cups of flour and promptly ran out of salt.  For the size of our roasting pan this 6 cups of flour only made enough dough to cover half of the pan.  I decided to put some plastic wrap over the dough so it wouldn’t dry out until we could make some more.  And today we used another 6 cups of flour and finally had enough to finish our map.  According to the TOG guide it should take about a week to fully harden and then my dd may paint it.

Finally tally: 1 large roasting pan, 12 cups of flour (a 5 lb bag is plenty), 2 canisters of salt (total of 52 oz), and 6 cups of water

The geographic terms that we incorporated were: mountains, river source, river delta, islands, coast, and bay.


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