TOG Year 2 Week 1

TOG Year 2This year my dd wanted to do more history so we began Year 2 of TOG (where I am in my self study) on Monday.  I thought that I would list what we did each day of the week.  Keep in mind that she is not yet 5 so this is definitely TOG lite for the lower grammar stage (or as light as she will let me make it!)

Monday: We read a few pages from the Usbourne Internet-linked Medieval World and she colored a page in the coloring book.  I love this coloring book because the drawings are so simple; for young children that do not yet want to color very much this seems to be fantastic.

Tuesday: We looked through the book Geography from A to Z and I focused on the following vocabulary terms: mountain, peninsula, island, source and mouth of a river, delta, cliff, and bay.  I read Brigid’s Cloak to her and then she colored a little bit more in the coloring book.

Wednesday: I read Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland to my dd and she colored some more.

Thursday: We look at a few pages from the Middle Ages book and then there was more coloring. 🙂

Friday: We talked about making a salt map and what geographical features we wanted to include.  Sadly, I had forgotten to get an aluminum pan to put this in so we are only in the planning stages right now.

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