Spanish resources for preschoolers

I have been looking for more immersion-based type of resources after using, and loving, Speekee.  Luckily, TWTM boards offered a few more gems that I thought should be shared with everyone.

Salsa spanish offers more than 40 episodes for free!  Each episode is about 20 minutes long and the vocabulary is simple, and repeated enough, that children with just a small exposure to spanish will have no problem following along.  On each episode’s page, under the video, there is a PDF transcript available as well as a suggested activity. On another webpage there are a few games that can be used for some extra learning.

Whistlefritz videoThe next resource is a DVD series named Whistlefritz.  It looks like there are 5 videos available right now (at least on Amazon), but I was lucky enough to find some at my library.  The “mascot” of the series is a little mouse named Fritz and he interacts with an adult and a group of children.  I love that these videos show children of various ages (and nationalities) speaking spanish and the woman in the video is a very clear speaker.  Again, these videos offer enough repetition that a beginner should be able to follow along without a problem.  We watched Las Estaciones last week and both my dd and ds were enthralled.

If you know of some more spanish resources, then I would love to find about them.  We are always looking for more activities that are easy to incorporate into our day.




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