REAL Homeschool Spanish Review

Real Homeschool SpanishI need to start off by saying that this will be an informational review only.  Our family is bilingual and this product was not a good fit for my dd because she is beyond learning her colors and numbers en espanol (the table of contents of this program can be found here).

There are three basic components to Real Homeschool Spanish: a curriculum guide, a book, and an activity book.  The Daily Curriculum Guide has been divided into 10 units that last for 48 weeks; in the guide there are some teaching tips, ideas for activities, and it also contains any prep work that you may need to do.  The book contains the vocabulary words and phrases for each unit (sample here) as well as an extensive activity list (sample) for each unit.  The activity book is full of word searches, crosswords, and word scrambles (sample).  (My dd is too young for those types of activities so I didn’t look very long at the activity book.)

I really liked how this curriculum tries to be very immersive.  After you introduce the vocabulary for that week, then you are given ideas for how to extend the learning through various activities.  For example, when your child is learning the numbers you are encouraged to do some addition and subtraction in spanish, as well as play Go Fish.  I think that this makes learning a language much easier and we tend to progress faster.

The one negative to this program would be the amount of parental involvement.  Whoever is teaching will need to learn the language as well.  You will also have to speak the language (audio files are available to help out with this) and actually use the language almost daily.  If this idea terrifies you, then this program may not be the best for you.  However, if you are enthusiastic about picking up spanish as well, then this could be a great fit.

Price: $49.95 download or $89.95 for a hard copy

I recieved a free download of Real Homeschool Spanish for the purpose of this review; no further compensation was recieved for my honest opinion.



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