Place Value

Rightstart level BI am getting ready for the next few lessons in our Rightstart math program that deal with place value.  Originally, I had been using Singapore as our “spine” program, but it does a rather poor job of teaching place value.  After everyone at TWTM boards raved about Rightstart’s approach I decided to make that our spine for now and I am quite pleased thus far.

Rightstart emphasizes counting the “asian way” first.  Instead of saying “20” you would say “2 ten,” and instead of “100” you would say “10 ten.”  This is only how the concept is introduced, as later on our conventional numbering system is applied.  It will be interesting to see how my dd takes to this naming system as she can already count to 100 by herself.

place value cardsAnyhow, after perusing the first few lessons I realized that I would need place value cards.  These are quite cheap to purchase at Rainbow Resource, but I need them for tomorrow’s lesson.  I thought about making my own cards and while I was reading up on this possibility I found out that the Rightstart Math Games book contains the place value cards (in the back) for 1-100.  They are a bit on the small side in the book so I enlarged them 200% (250% may be better) and laminated them.  So, now we are ready for some fun tomorrow.  I hope it goes well.


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