Vintage Remedies for Kids Review

Vintage Remedies is a company that was established with the belief that “prevention is the key to health and that natural remedies are usually the best first steps to regain wellness.”  I was lucky enough to receive their preschool/kindergarten curriculum entitled Vintage Remedies for Kids.

Vintage Remedies for KidsThe guide that I received is divided into three sections (food and drink, health and wellness, healthy lifestyles) for a total of 18 chapters.  The first section emphasizes the importance of consuming real foods (very minimally processed) and how the food that we eat can benefit or harm our bodies.  The second section focuses on our immune system and how to stay healthy.  The final section discusses ways that we can take care of the planet and our community.

Each chapter begins with an informational section for the parents alone and then this is followed by a section that is meant to be read aloud to the child.  The read aloud section is generally 2 pages long and only takes a few minutes to read.  Each read aloud is also accompanied by a few discussion questions and a few projects that can be completed together.

I really did enjoy this curriculum since our family leans towards the natural living lifestyle and it is very easy for us to relate to all of the suggestions.  However, what I didn’t like was the vocabulary that was used at time – to me, it feels like the author is discounting the ability of our children to understand processes that are not all that complicated.  For example, the use of the word “tummy” is used repeatedly for the entire GI tract.  On page 27 the following sentence is found, “Fiber is important for our bodies because it helps keep our tummies clean!”  Why not just use the word “intestines” instead?

I also was not impressed with the section on Health and Wellness.  One of the first suggested activities is to watch a caterpillar turn into a butterfly (which the author incorrectly states the caterpillars form a cocoon, since only moths do this) to demonstrate the many changes that take place as children grow.  I really do not understand the connection between child development and metamorphosis.  Bacteria and viruses are also referred to as “bugs.”  Even fireflies and ladybugs are referred to as bugs and they are not bugs, but insects.

It may be that I am fairly nitpicky with word choice because of my science background, but I see little reason to confuse our children with a too simplistic approach to something as fundamental as our health.

This book has some great talking points and suggested activities; I disagreed with just a few parts.  This could be a great health curriculum if you spend two weeks on each chapter, and take the time to do all of the suggested extras.

Cost: $25

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I received a free copy of Vintage Remedies for Kids for the purposes of this review; no further compensation was given for my honest opinion.


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