Sum Swamp board game

Sum SwampToday, I received the Sum Swamp board game in the mail from Amazon (current price is $12.50).  I debated if I should save it as a Christmas gift or if I should let my dd play it now.  I opted for the latter since I have been wanting to see this game for a while now.

This is a very simple board game that is rather quick to play as well.  Each player rolls three die (two contain the numerals 1-6 and the other has the + and – signs all over it) and then puts together a number sentence with the highest number first.  The player then gets to move the number of spaces that they have calculated from their roll.

sum swamp boardThere are a few special spaces on the board that have the player wait for an odd or an even number before preceeding.  There are also spaces with a number written on it and you roll the +/- dice to see if you will be moving forwards or backwards that amount on your turn.

The box says that a game takes about 10 minutes and this seems to be our average (having only played a handful of games).  If your child is working on math facts up to 12, then this could be a fun addition to your math time.  And, the concept of odds and evens is also covered.

I think that you could probably even extend the life of this game by allowing players to choose how they would like to set up their number sentences; instead of insisting that the higher number be placed first, you could allow for some negative number answers and strategizing.


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