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I have been looking at replenshing some of our art supplies lately because 1) my dd loves doing art and goes through quite a bit of supplies and 2) it’s a great Christmas gift.  So, here is a list of our favorite supplies in case you are also interested in adding to your stash.  As a side note, I used to order exclusively from Dick Blick, but I have found that lately Amazon has roughly the same prices and if you have Prime shipping then you may want to look there for your art supplies.

Cray-pas Junior oil pastels (set of 16) – these are wonderful for drawings and I highly recommend them for any child that doesn’t need to use basic crayons any more…for about $7 you can have very rich color.

Prang watercolor set of 8 colors – a very basic watercolor set that can be used by young children (my dd started using this when she was 3.5 years old).  They do offer a set of 4 that can be used with even younger children.  Cost for the 8 color set is around $6.

Soft pastels – don’t be afraid to break these into smaller pieces as I was since they are much easier to use that way.  Chalk/soft pastel work is a bit messy, but I think that is why children adore them.  36 pastels for $12.

Colored pencils – we bought our Prismacolors while we were in Colombia and the quality there seems to be better than what can be bought in the US.  I have heard a free people complain that the Prismacolor pencils bought in the US break quite easily.

Markers – Sharpies are great for young children once they can handle permanent color.  If you really want to splurge, then check out the COPIC markers.  I am still trying to talk myself into that purchase.

Ebony pencils – the pencil of choice when sketching as it can easily be smudged and blended.  We use these all of the time with the Mark Kistler online lessons.  One dozen for $5.

White eraser – $3 for one eraser!!!  Thank goodness they work great and last a very long time.

Paper – drawing/sketch paper and watercolor paper if your child enjoys watercolors.  I generally buy my paper from Michaels (that is the only craft store we have in this area) when they have a great sale.  You should purchase a decent paper, but quantity is much better than high quality on this purchase if you have young children as they tend to go through a lot of paper.


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