Rightstart Math – feelin’ the love today

folding shapes in Rightstart MathToday’s lesson from Rightstart math was about finding the halves of geometric figures (p. 63 in level A).  There were 9 figures that my dd was supposed to fold in half and then you could cut on the fold line to show that the two halves could be superimposed; the figures included a circle, triangles, rectangle, rhombus, ellipse, trapezoid, some polygons, and a semicircle.  And I must say that this is why I love Rightstart math – the geometry that children from such a young age encounter in this program is phenomenal.

I remember that when I was in school geometry was treated as an entirely separate,  weird, “other” math.  We covered geometry once in elementary school (maybe 4th grade?) and then again in high school during my sophmore year.  Geometry was a very strange sort of math to me and I never felt entirely comfortable with it.  Proofs were hated and I think that my lack of drawing skills and inability to see geometric shapes severely affected my ability to handle Calculus 3 in college.  I had loved calculus 1 and 2, but calculus 3 was a bit of a struggle for me.  Hyperbolic parabaloid – how do you draw that???

Back to Rightstart Math.  I believe that my dd will be much more confident handling geometric concepts with the foundation that she is gaining now.  She has already manipulated several different shapes and can shout out “rhombus” when I show her a diamond and “ellipse” when we are looking at an oval.  These may be very small things right now, but I forsee that they will be very powerful in the future.

Currently, we use Rightstart Math once a week and generally only cover the lessons pertaining to geometry.  Singapore math is our “spine” and I use Miquon, CSMP, Life of Fred, and Math Mammoth as supplements whenever we need a break from Singapore.


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