Gratitude Challenge – Day 10

I have been thinking about my grandmother for much of this week.  Four years ago today I attended her funeral and I have missed her profoundly ever since.  My grandmother was a great cook, but unfortunately she never wrote her recipes down.  She was also a wonderful gardener that especially loved roses.  My grandmother was one of the few people that embraced the fact that my dh and I eloped since she had done the same (married for 60 years).  She taught me how to blow bubbles with my bubblegum and basic algebra.  She loved to read (mainly romance novels) and would always sit out on the porch on her swing in the evening while I caught fireflies as a child.  Sweet corn was always the best at her house, as well as the strawberries and cantaloupe.

Today, I am grateful for the wonderful times I had with my grandmother and I will be planting some roses in her memory.


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