Felt Board

I was finally able to make a felt board for my ds (although my dd seems to love it even more). It was really quite simple to make and I am pleased with the outcome.  So far, I have found the Making Learning Fun website and it has a great number of ideas for felt board activities, but if you know of another, then please share. 🙂

I began by gathering up my supplies: spray craft glue, foam board, and felt (from fabric.com). I sprayed both the foam board and the back of the felt with the glue and then stuck them together. Originally, I had planned on mounting the foam board to the wall so I overlapped the felt by about 5 inches onto the back of the foam board.

Unfortunately, I could not figure out a suitable way to mount this to the wall (Command adhesive strips did not work). Then, I happened upon a coupon for Michael’s for an extra 25% off of frames that were currently 40% off. So, I went out and purchased a 20X30 frame (that was the size of my foam board) and when I returned home I discovered that I needed to cut the felt to be flush with the foam board. I popped out the glass from the poster frame and put in my felt-covered foam board and, voila, I have a beautiful piece that I hung with pride in our hallway.


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