Wordless Wednesday

I cannot actually remain wordless today because I am just too excited.  For several years now I have been trying to see that elusive step between a caterpillar hanging upside down in its J shape and the chrysallis.  Today, I saw the emergence of the chrysallis and I now know why I have missed it all those other times – it literally takes about 30 seconds for the caterpillar to shed its last skin.

The photo on the left shows the 3/4 point and you can see that last skin bunching up towards the top.  The (fuzzy) photo on the right shows the caterpillar skin after it has dropped off of the newly emerged chrysallis.  I really wish that I had my phone in video mode, but I suppose that can be my next obsession…taking a 30 second video of the whole process.

Caterpillar shedding the last larval skinlast larval skin on my hand



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