TOG Lower Grammar Literature

Marguerite Makes a BookUnfortunately, I have had a nagging cold now and it is still the middle of summer here.  Actually, I am beginning to think it may be a sinus infection, but I am notoriously slow about getting myself to a doctor.

Anyhow, I have decided to add in some books (mainly literature selections) to my read-aloud selections for my dd.  I am currently working my way, every so slowly, through Year 2 and I am firmly entrenched in the Middle Ages.  I just wanted to quickly say how much fun this has been so far.  For example, we just read Maguerite Makes a Book and it led to my dd having so many questions about bookmaking: how did they make the colors, how long did it take, how much did books cost, etc.  So far, I can only say great things about TOG book selections.

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