Shortchanging my youngest?

Around the same time every year (why fall?) I start to feel like I am shortchanging my youngest.  You know….I heaped so much love and attention on my oldest and I am not doing nearly as much with my youngest.  With my dd I used to plan activities while she was sleeping and just wait until she woke up from her nap so that I could try out my latest ideas.  I always read stacks of books with my dd and we (almost) always went on nature walks in the afternoon.

Fast forward to my dear son who is almost two.  I am lucky if I have a snack planned and prepped while he is sleeping (a big deal because he LOVES to eat).  I read a book to him maybe every other day and we go on nature walks together possibly once a week.  I cannot even remember the last time that I bought a toy that was specifically for him.

However, here is the reality check and maybe, by writing it down, I will remember this whenever the pangs of guilt strike.  My son is just not that into books; my dd could sit for long periods of time just listening to me read, but not my son.  My ds goes on his own impromptu nature walks outside; I always had to cajole my dd away from her books, but my ds loves to go outside on his own.  My ds loves the trains and the cars that my dd no longer plays with that much and that is ALL that he really loves – so there is no need to buy him other toys.

Even with all that being said, I am working on making a felt board and felt cut-outs for my children.  This is a project that I always wanted to do for my dd, but just never got around to it.  I am making it now for my ds, but it already looks like my dd is more interested.  *Sigh*


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