Homeschool Tracker Plus – Step 2

Homeschool TrackerThis is the second post in a series about setting up Homeschool Tracker Plus for the first time.  In the last post we set up our school information along with school year and decided if we wanted to keep track of grades or the amount of time spent in school.  In step 2, we are going to add information about our student(s) and which subjects will be taught during the year.

1.  Under the Maintenance tab click on the Students tab.  Click on Add and fill out any information that you would like regarding your student.  I don’t feel a need to fill out the SSN, email, graduation, etc. fields and I leave those blank for my student.  You can also select the color that your student shows up as in the program which is great if you are already color-coding (or would like to) your students.  Make sure you hit the save button.  Tip:  You can right click each students name and edit their information to include standardized test scores and activities/achievements that you would like to keep track of.

2.  Under the Maintenance tab click on the Subjects/Courses tab.  You will see that 6 subjects are currently set up and you can right click on any of the subject headings to edit the name or delete it altogether.  Then, add any subjects or courses that you would like and remember to give each a code name (I just abbreviate the name).  Look at the grading options if that applies to your school and I would suggest deciding which activities will apply to that course (eg. for science I like to use lessons, read-alouds, projects, and worksheets).  Tip: In HST+ courses can be listed under a subject.  For example, I added the following courses under the Language Arts subject: phonics, handwriting, vocabulary, reading, and spelling.  You can also choose which subjects and/or courses apply to which students that year.

And that is enough for one day.  Phew!  If you haven’t thought about your goals for the year, then I would highly suggest doing so before tackling the next step.


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