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Big IQ KidsBig IQ Kids is an online program that is useful for mastering spelling/vocabulary words, math facts, and geography facts; the program is designed for kindergardeners through adults.

After receiving our log-in information my dd and I quickly went over to the spelling portion of this site.  I have to say that I love being able to input my own spelling lists into the program.  I decided to only give my dd 5 spelling words per lesson since that it was what we usually do during our spelling lessons.  Overall, the pronunciation of the words were quite clear and whenever we were unsure from just hearing the word alone the accompanying sentence easily cleared up any confusion.  I also liked that we were able to decide how much repetition with the words was needed before taking the spelling test.

The math facts portion of the site seemed to hold less interest for my dd.  I had the program give her 10 single digit addition problems for each lesson.  After she had done a few lessons she began to receive some harder problems (10+2), but the majority of the problems were still fairly easy for her.

The geography portion of Big IQ Kids left us both scratching our heads.  We tried a few times to do a lesson, but it all just seemed too random.  You would click on a few states that you were interested in knowing more about and the program would give you a few facts about each state.  Then, the next lesson had us spelling the names of the states….but not necessarily the ones that we clicked on in the previous lesson.  We quickly abandoned this section for good as it was just too frustrating for my dd.  I think that if you have already completed an in-depth study of U.S. geography then this could be a great way for your child to retain their geography facts.

Overall, I think that this is a great website for ensuring that your child is mastering their facts.  Although Big IQ Kids tends to toward the “too repetitious” end of the spectrum for us, I can see where this could be very beneficial for others.  There are two options for checking out this website: their basic version is available for free at all times and the premium version can be sampled for free during a 7-day trial.  While they are not as aesthetically pleasing the basic (free at all times) versions function exactly the same as the premium version.  However, you will miss out on the full games portion of the website as well as the ability to track the progress of your child.  In addition, the free versions contain more advertisements than the premium site.

Pros: easy to customize

Cons: not so easy to navigate their website

Price: basic version is free, plans starting at $7.99/month for the premium version

I received free access to Big IQ Kids premium sites for the purpose of this review; no further compensation was received for my honest opinion.


One thought on “Big IQ Kids Review

  1. I liked the math section more the longer we did it…

    Cool that you were able to customize the spelling and make that work for you, with the lesson length that works for you. 🙂

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