Schooling while on vacation

I just installed the iPad app for WordPress and this is my first post using it. Can I just say that I love homeschooling on the go? Now, normally, when we are on a short vacation I forget all about schooling and we just have a great time. However, about twice a year we try to take a month long vacation to Colombia to visit my in-laws. My dh usually spends about a week with us and then returns at the end of the month to help me with the flights back home.

On these trips the main focus is immersion in Spanish. It usually takes my dd about a week for her brain to switch from mostly English to mostly Spanish and the same holds true for when we return to the US. This time though she needed less than a week to start playing in Spanish and I think that a lot of credit goes to Speekee for this easier transition. Before we left I had her watching the Speekee episodes a few times every day (much more screen time than usual, but it paid off).

I also use these long vacations to work on fine motor skills a lot: cutting, pasting, painting, etc. I find that we don’t give much time to these activities and they are very easy to do when one is not attempting to keep a full schedule. In addition, I have brought her Sonlight readers and we are still doing a story each day so that she can maintain her fluency. For math we do a few addition problems and I brought a dot-to-dot book so that she can get better at identifying numbers up to 50. I have a few handwriting pages and I brought the Lollipop Logic book in case she is wanting to do some extra things now and then.

As for schedule, we try to get about 30 minutes of school time in during the morning hours and then she sometimes asks for more work in the afternoon. Light, easy, and it keeps us all from being bored. đŸ˜‰


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