Weekly Post Roundup

Well, I thought that I would bring back my posts that highlight some of the posts that I have read throughout the week.  This way I will be sure to look at other people’s blogs for inspiration (and support).

I also want to quickly say, “Britax rocks!”  Last night we were cleaning out the car when we decided that it would be a good time to clean car seat covers as well.  This morning, as my dh was re-assembling the seats, we discovered that we had only half of a chest clip.  My best guess is that my toddler son made off with it and it’s anyone’s guess as to where it is now.  I called Britax this afternoon and they are shipping me a new clip free of charge!

Cara @ Brooketopia reminded me that we need to think and plan ahead for emergencies.  Although we live in a hurricane-prone state, we still don’t really have a plan in place.  We have used the following excuses for not making a plan: we don’t really have trees around our house and by the time a storm comes this far inland it is usually a tropical storm.  However, it would be very easy for the power to be out for an extended period of time and that could make life a bit miserable.

Monica @ Discover Their Gifts: organziational inspiration – I will never be that organized, but I can certainly dream about what it would be like if I was. 🙂

Wendy @ Homeschooling Blessings writes about her teenage son and laundry – this story made me smile

Dawn @ Our Nest of 3 has a classical composer study available for free that includes books, music selections (of course), and videos



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