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Not that long ago I signed up for the TeacherFile Box.com website (HSBC has a deal for an annual subscription for $70).  TeacherFileBox is an online library of Evan-Moor resources and I thought that it would be a great addition to our weekly activities.  My dd seems to enjoy workbook type activities and also crafty projects.  So far, though, we have not done much with it.  Why?  I hate the search feature on the website.

I had assumed that it would be easy to type in the name of an Evan-Moor book and that all of the activities in that book would pop up.  For example, if I am interested in doing their literature pockets for Caldecott winners then I should be able to type in “Caldecott literature pockets.” Sadly, I haven’t figured out how to make that happen.  After typing it that search term I found that on the first page of results that 5/15 results were from the booklet that I wanted.  However, I have no idea how many units are included in the Evan-Moor book from the TeacherFileBox website so I must then check out the inside of the book using Amazon’s “look inside” feature.  Not to mention that the TeacherFileBox site tells me that there are 1400 teaching units for the search term “Caldecott literature pockets.”  1400??? 

Although the content is exactly the same, it can be quite frustrating to find exactly what I want.  And, if you find something interesting while browsing, then it is very difficult to find more of that same type of activity.  Apparently, the way their website is organized is just not the same way that my brain is organized. 🙂  If anyone knows of a better way to search this site, then please, please clue me in.


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  1. Go to amazon.com, look up the book. Watch the code on the book cover or at the bottom of the book sample, example EMC5000 for hands on science. Type the code number on the search. You will get all pages of the books that you want. Print them all using PDF printer, example bullzip pdf.

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