Sonlight Readers

Although I hate scripted programs, I must admit that I am completely clueless as to how quickly to progress in reading.  My dd has a very good grasp of basic phonics, but I am always worried about not pushing forward fast enough as well as moving too quickly.  I have been having such a hard time figuring out how much my dd can read in one setting and how to progress with her.  So, hopefully, Sonlight will help me understand this whole process a little bit better.

I finally broke down and ordered the Sonlight Reader schedule for Grade 1.  I suppose that I did not look at the books used very carefully because I quickly realized that there were several Sonlight exclusives scheduled after I received the guide.  Luckily, the first books scheduled are also available on Amazon (for cheaper).  So, I placed my order on Monday and I received the first I Can Read It! book today. 

Now, I was a little worried about these books since the reviews on the Sonlight website are not very glowing.  However, I found that this book is not much different than other phonetic readers – in the beginning the stories are quite boring because you are limited by the type of words that can be used.  We read the first “story” (it’s really only 7 sentences long) quickly and it is obviously below her level.  For the time being, though, I think that we will just follow the schedule as written.


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