How math has changed at our house

We used to use 4 math programs (MEP, Rightstart, Miquon, and Singapore).  I have found that although I really enjoyed the gentle approach to MEP Reception year, I do not particularly care for Year 1.  In the beginning of the lessons there is a lot of coloring and completing patterns and these exercises are actually very small on the page.  My dd has rather good fine motor skills and these were somewhat challenging for her.  As a result, she does not particularly care for MEP right now, and so we have laid MEP aside.

I have also decided to use Rightstart only for its geometry lessons.  I feel that this portion of the program (as well as groups of 5) is its strong suit.  My dd also seems to prefer using the abacus over using the Cuisenaire rods for solving her simple addition and subtraction problems.

Singapore is our main program and we are currently finishing up Essential math.  I have the Standards edition waiting on our shelf when we are ready and the beginning of 1A looks a lot like what we are doing now. 

We are still using Miquon as our fun Friday math program.  I print out multiple sheets and let my dd choose which she would like to complete. 

There it is.  I suppose we are now using 1 main program and 2 supplements.


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